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National Park Patch

This collection is inspired by the 63 National Parks that are found within the beautiful United States of America. From the shores of Maine, to the gators in the Everglades, to the Rocky Mountains, to El Capitan in California, each park is highlighted. 

The element of sustainability is also a part of this collection. Each flannel, cotton, or denim shirt or jacket is pre-loved with no flaws. Re-using materials allows for our natural places to remain less depleted. 

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State Park Patches

This collection is dedicated to the smaller and just important State Parks. I work with customers on custom shirts with State Park patches.

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Reworked Denim

This collection works with pre-loved denim, Pendleton and alpaca embroidered fabrics. All items are one-of-a-kind. 

Wild Horses
Flowers in Pocket
Machu Pichu

Peruvian Alpaca items

This collection is brought to you from artisan women in the Andes Mountains. All items are hand knit, naturally dyed and made with the most comfortable material on this planet, alpaca.

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