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"let your re:adventure begin"

Born at the base of Madonna Mountain in a Central Coast town called, SLO, Nature Girl Finds is a one woman show. 

Each nature girl/ outdoorsman will embark on a re:adventure bringing her/ his locally sourced, upcycled, nature inspired, outdoor clothing back into the wild. Each sale helps to support our National & State Parks.

What is upcycled fashion: clothing that have been worn previously, re-worked and are now re-entering the stream to be given a new life.


Sustainability facts:

 -1 in 10 clothing items are bought, never worn and then thrown away. 

-Textiles make up 13.1 million tons of discarded waste, about 2 million tons are recovered for recycling.

National Park facts:

-Yellowstone was the first US National Park in 1872.

-There are 63 National Parks in the US.

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