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It is estimated that 12-13 million pounds of textile waste goes into the landfill every year. The average piece of clothing is only worn 5-7 times before being discarded. 

After spending almost 6 years consistently going to thrift stores, estate sales, and antique malls, I can attest to the amount of textiles that are considered "pre-loved" and also in almost perfect condition. I have definitely been that person who has had that NWT (new with tags) dress hanging in my closet for many years before I finally just donated it. 

After doing many years of "reselling", which is selling used clothes, household items, shoes, and accessories I wanted to incorporate my artist vision into my work. I wanted to start a up-cycling fashion line. The ultimate goal would be to use textiles that have already been created and re-work them in order to give them a new life. I wanted to focus on making clothes for the outdoor adventurer. My first line is my National Park patch collection. I think now more than ever, people are finding themselves exploring their State and National Parks to have the connection to nature, the outdoors, and still have a sense of travel with the limitations we are seeing today. I love how many people have deepened their connections with the outdoors and Mother Nature. My hope is for my clothing line to do just that. By reusing and up-cycling what we already have then we can decrease the waste and use less energy that is required to create virgin material(s).

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