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Nature Girl Finds

Born at the base of Madonna Mountain in a Central Coast town called, SLO, Nature Girl Finds is a one woman show.

The owner, Lauren Williams, is from the Midwest and now lives on the Central Coast of California. Her background is Environmental, Health, Safety and Sustainability. Fashion has always been a main love which lead to the upcycled fashion line which includes collections such as; National Park patch shirts, Pendleton fabric denim jackets, and alpaca items imported from Peru.

At the core of Nature Girl Finds, is a love for being outdoors and exploring, wearing upcycled/ pre-loved fashion and building a community of Mother Nature lovers.

Each nature girl/ outdoorsman will embark on a re:adventure bringing her/ his locally sourced, upcycled, nature inspired, outdoor clothing back into the wild. Each sale helps to support our National & State Parks.

All alpaca items are hand knit or embroidered by artisan women in the mountains of Peru. They are made in a traditional fashion, with naturally dyed materials, and with love. The women work with my dear friend who ensures that the women are paid a fair wage and helps to promote their communities and cultures and allows them to make a living from their craftsmanship.

Currently, I am working on Rosemary Gladstar's herbalism certificate and I am thrilled to pass along my knowledge and bring a collective knowledge to every nature girl. I also, work with Doterra essential oils and would love to teach you more about their powerful uses. Find more information and resources on the Natural Living page. 

What is upcycled fashion: clothing that have been worn previously, re-worked and are now re-entering the stream to be given a new life.


Sustainability facts:

 -1 in 10 clothing items are bough, never worn and then thrown away. 

-Textiles make up 13.1 million tons of discarded waste, about 2 million tons are recovered for recycling.

National Park facts:

-Yellowstone was the first US National Park in 1872.

-There are 63 National Parks in the US.

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Upcycled Fashion

Aligned with the growing trend of upcycled fashion which keeps waste out of the landful.

Natural Living

Incorporating a natural lifestyle with herbs/ plants, essential oils, and sustainablity practices.


Venturing outdoors and keeping women and girls engaged in our natural world.

Be a part of Nature Girl Finds.

Wear our upcyled apparel and support a clean and happy world.

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